Founder & Executive Director of Urbanis Limited, Bola Abisogun FRICS has pledged to take a group of young black men to the US on a personal ‘tour of themselves’.

“Along with Hackney CVS and BTEG, I’ve been working with a group of young men (YBM) who all live in the East London borough of Hackney. At our last meeting held in July 2015, I was asked by one of the YBM – “so what happens now?”………………and the room fell silent. “The offer to take the group, present at that meeting, was purely spontaneous, and the idea is for this group of YBM is to ‘find their purpose’ in life, that is all I ask in return”.

“The level of excitement in the group is truly rewarding to watch, the Council [LB Hackney] are excited, and it is hoped that this small gesture may become an annual event within the borough………”

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