Bola Abisogun FRICS has, over the last two decades, struggled both to quantify and demonstrate the lack of diversity amidst the continued under-representation in surveying. As far as BAME members go, it is without question that the profession could do much more.

For over a decade and having enlisted to become an (APC) Assessor for the RICS, Bola has been determined to make a visual contribution premised upon a sustainable plan of engagement. Such an approach has led to better engagement, with surveyors, at post-qualification level.

However, a recent article produced by the RICS in February / March 2017 – see link below – confirmed that just 1.2% of current members were from a BAME background. It was this startling statistic that propelled his long-standing aspiration into overdrive, resulting in the long-overdue establishment of DiverseCity Surveyors; for more details, click here

RICS Construction Journal – Feb 2017, pg 15