Successful construction and refurbishment projects are the result of the client and their construction and design team working strategically and in partnership for the long term benefit. Competitively priced, UrbanIS are able to offer our clients the benefit of our wide and varied relationships with an extensive and diverse supply chain.

In recognition of programmes such as public sector Decent Homes [the extensive refurbishment of kitchen and bathroom] together with the wider asset upgrade including roof and window overhauls, internal and external community fire doors and other works relating to the integrated facility management of the portfolio.
UrbanIS are an established delivery partner catering to many public sector / social housing landlords with void property refurbishments where we achieve successful and timely delivery of properties with above average turn-around / re-let times for the end-user.


Major Void refurbishment: Wychwood Way, Lambeth

Major Void refurbishment: Hitherfield Road, Lambeth

Short Cycle Void refurbishment: Hilldrop Crescent, Islington