On the 24 October 2017, during the 30th Anniversary of Black History Month in the UK - it came and went all in a matter of hours……!

12yrs hard work distilled into a three and half hour celebration thanks largely to the Senior Management Team at RICS.

The launch event hosted by the RICS was an incredible achievement, led by Matthew Howell and Lucile Kamar; with support from Belinda King and Hannah Meadows.

The introduction by Mark Walley was sobering and further interrogated and contextualised by Egbert Perry – who flew in from Atlanta, USA – and whose keynote was powerful, provocative and statistically challenging. The audience drew strength from his passionate delivery which in turn led to Sandra Kerr OBE moderating over an entertaining panel discussion which included Jeremy Crook OBE, Alexander Smith MRICS and Sophia Nesro.

Further representation from the Prime Ministers office was afforded to DiverseCity Surveyors, by Nero Ughwujabo, Special Advisor – Social Justice, Young People & Opportunities.

To read more about this historic achievement please click here

Celebrating diversity with DiverseCity – 26.10.17