UrbanIS continues to provide independent cost management services for many UK and international clients in addition to other property and construction related appointments. In pursuit of a more definitive and transparent approach to the delivery of our cost consultancy offering we work closely with our clients to fully appreciate and define their brief prior to commencing with the delivery of pragmatic and cost effective solutions.

UrbanIS proactively communicate known and potential challenges to clients as we seek to continuously improve both project viability and buildability, reflecting on new priorities such as sustainability, and assuring clients that the actual construction phase of their project runs as smoothly as practically possible.

UrbanIS understand that project cost is of the utmost importance. Demonstrable and successful cost control invariably underpins the performance of your project, at any stage of their lifecycle.

In addition to advising on appropriate funding strategies UrbanIS can determine what a development or refurbishment project will cost to complete and what it will cost over its lifetime using the most upto date technology, including BIM where necessary and ensuring that through the relevant procurement strategy we can assemble a supply chain that will allow you, the client, to manage any inherent project challenge(s).