Practical skills development and vocational learning programmes for the benefit of local residents including the under privileged and disadvantaged groups.

Through our continuous involvement and strategic research efforts, UrbanIS believe that the continued development of the internet presents unequivocal challenges and therefore sustainable opportunities within urban inner cities. The willingness of those within often deprived areas of society, to rise above their impoverished environments adds a socio-economic bias towards true project success and this adds to the satisfaction accrued from our continued project involvement. Such participation expands the viability of our knowledge management processes and enhances our overall capabilities to the benefit of our clients and the communities that we continue to serve.

An all inclusive workforce remains a key deliverable in the provision of an inclusive society. UrbanIS lead by example in our committed approach and seek further opportunities to dispel our tried and tested methodology. Whilst we maintain strong links with academic training organisations, we have established our own position as both a constructor and facilitator of a ‘hands on learning environment’.

Most of our guiding principles reflect our commitment to sustainability – and a sustainable approach is becoming increasingly established across our business as it is in the wider market is pivotal to our long term existence and increasingly seen as ‘good practice’.