Indeed, an unbelievable achievement by Urbanis Founder and Executive Director, Bola Abisogun FRICS, at the end of a year that has, overwhelmingly, proved to be the most challenging to date. The recent notification of the senior accolade [via telephone conversation with the Cabinet Office] is still something of a shock many weeks later and the need to ‘keep it quiet and confidential’ was a huge and testing commitment to the honours process.

The award of an OBE - For services to Diversity & Young People in the Construction Industry – has not been an individual success but moreover, a collective team effort over a number of years, as Bola has had to call in a number of HUGE favours along the way; ALWAYS from family members to whom he will never be able to repay. Never one to fail or give up – without a fight – the need to constantly ‘dig deeper’ when facing yet another challenge became so ‘normalised’ at times, it was difficult for Bola to actually switch off and leave work at the office.

It goes without saying that the ‘personal’ sacrifice endured by the entire ‘Urbanis family’ since our inception back in January 2003, has been long and at times extremely challenging. However, this ultimate recognition, by HM Queen Elizabeth II, goes some way to alleviating the pain incurred and endured, over the years. So its back to work [with selected partners and clients] in 2019, to deliver yet another chapter in what has largely become known as the ‘Urbanis BAME Model‘.

Reference to the The Gazette – the Official Public Record – can be seen here.